G. J. Oliver History

Over the last 50 plus years, G.J. Oliver, Inc. has grown from a small bulk pressure vessel fabricator, originating in Annandale, New Jersey, into a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of various custom steel fabrications, ASME & PED pressure vessels, API Class equipment packaging and auxiliary support systems including lube/seal/control oil systems, dry gas seal systems, cooling water systems, steam conditioning systems, turbine/compressor water and solvent wash systems and more.

The "Tippitt and Wood" building (shown in the photo), was G.J. Oliver's first fabrication preparation shop in Phillipsburg, NJ. The preparation shop has since been relocated to G. J. Oliver, Inc.'s 22-acre manufacturing campus, located at 50 Industrial Rd., Phillipsburg, NJ, which now includes a combined total shop floor space in excess of 144,000 square feet. The manufacturing campus encompasses our fabrication preparation and welding facilities, machine shop facility, pipe spool fabrication and assembly shop facilities along with our rotating machinery services facility, heat treat, blast and painting facilites.

Hard work and dedication by G. J. Oliver, Inc.'s founder George J. Oliver Sr., and his two sons George and John (shown in the photo) has been the key to the company's success. The second generation, son John G. Oliver Sr. has been very successful in carrying the family tradition of offering high quality product with competitive pricing and is looking forward to continue success and growth. G.J. Oliver, Inc. continues to be a family owns organization, and is consistently offering customers our dedication to excellence and our many years of experience in the steel fabrication an systems business.


G. J. Oliver's operating philosophy

Quality engineering and manufacturing along with on-time deliveries determines the company's main sales effectiveness. Simply put: 

"Quality is Business Security"