Another one of our core competencies that really adds value to our fabricated pump production is our ability to assemble these large pumps.

Working with all OEM design types and any combination of new, used, customer supplied or GJ Oliver manufactured components we have the experience to ensure that the final assembly will meet or exceed industry standards. Our experience with heavy ringing and handling of oversized components safely and carefully along without capacity and mechanical skill set and knowledge of pump assembly fit and function allows us to assemble and ship large pumps as complete assembly. These large pumps may otherwise have to be shipping in sections and assembled on site at a much greater cost and with some exception to quality simply due to environmental conditions. We have shipped pump assemblies that weighed nearly 100,000 pounds.

GJ Oliver, Inc. has the in-house capabilities to complete the pump assembly from start to finish. Whether it be repairing a pump that has been in service, or starting from new, we are the premier one stop shop. Some of duties we are able to perform, but not limited to include:

  • Disassembly
  • Abrasive blast each part for NDE and for accurate dimensional inspection measurements,
  • Inspect all parts to check for wear due to errosion or corrosion, proper alignments to ensure maximum performance and efficiency,
  • Weld and machine all registers, fits and vanes that are out of tolerance,
  • Inspect all pieces post weld and machining with our Advanced FaroArm CMM or Faro Laser Tracker,
  • Component hydro-tests,
  • Balancing of rotating components,
  • Paint and coat to protect against corrosion and to prolong the pump operation,
  • Re-assemble for shipment or storage.

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